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VDO full form - What is VDO Officer

Do you know what is Vdo and what is the full form of Vdo, if you do not know then know quickly
What is VDO full form
VDO full form " Village development officer" and Meaning of VDO is Village development officer. But wait do you know
What is VDO Officer ?
Vdo is an officer who fixes all kinds of problems by keeping them in the village like lack of schools and colleges, no electricity Problem, No Road Construction etc.

To bring solution to all these problems, the post of Village Development Officer (VDO) was created by the government so that the schemes taken out by the government should be delivered.
What is the work of VDO Officer?
Upgrade is brought in the education sector in the village, education center ie school, college, tuition center etc..

In the time of Digital India, electricity is brought to the village as soon as possible so that there is light in every house.

Any kind of document is signed by the VDO officer (graam vikaas adhikare ) Etc

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VDO Officer Eligibility criteria
For VDO, you must have a diploma of computer, and should have passed 12th class with 60% from any board.
The age of the candidate should be 18 years to 40 years.
There is a relaxation of 5 years on the age of ST/Sc
OBC people get 3 years relaxation
No relaxation for general category.
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